Grassroots First Friday Artist Showcase

Title: Grassroots First Friday Artist Showcase
Location: Grassroots Guitar Co.
Description: This time around Grassroots Guitar will be welcoming Robin Dale Ford to our humble stage; followed by Steve Brown and the Bailers. Live music and free food/drinks will be provided.

7pm until 9:30ish
Invite your friends and feel free to stop by!
Start Time: 07:00
Date: 2016-06-03

Blackstar Amps!

Maybe someday we’ll start selling fish and chips, but for now we’ll have to settle for the next best thing out of the UK : Blackstar ID:Core Amps!

We have all 3 Models, the 10Watt($119), the 20Watt($169), and the 40Watt($229) They are great sounding, affordable, light, small, and huge sounding. Blackstart captured the stereo sound they were going for and then some. You’ll have to hear them for yourself to believe it!


Gladiator Guitars

Gladiator GuitarsGrassroots has a new batch of Gladiator guitars in the shop. They’re great guitars for students, those just getting into the electric guitar, and anyone who needs a Rocksmith guitar. There are both Telecaster and Stratocaster style models available. The basic models of each (the GL-021, and the GL-011 respectively) are priced at $179. The veteran Gladiators (the GL-121 and GL-111) come with Wilkinson ceramic pickups and Canadian maple necks, and they’re only $295!

Group Guitar Lessons With Dave!

Dave is now accepting students for a new set of group guitar lessons!

The lessons will be held from 4pm-5pm on Wednesdays. They’re a great environment for beginning students that want to get accustomed to playing with others. The total cost will be $125 for 8 lessons over a two-month period. If you’re interested stop on by or call 451-7668 to get signed up. Lessons will be starting in early February, so sign up now!

New Item Spotlight – Pedals from Mission Engineering

Mission+used 002New Item Spotlight – Pedals from Mission Engineering

On the left we have the EP-25K,  expression pedal with dual outputs – $149

On the right there is the VM-PRO, volume pedal with a built in buffer to pull out some of the slack in your pedal chain. – $199

Finally, center stage, we have the Rewah Pro pedal. An amazing and highly adjustable wah pedal. – $289

Stop on by and try them out!

Beggining Guitar Class w/ Dave Parks

Title: Beggining Guitar Class w/ Dave Parks
Location: Grassroots Guitar Co.
Description: The focus of this eight week class for kids will be learning how to play songs. The goal will be to learn one song per week. It is in this process the student will learn chords, how to count rhythm, and song structure. I will provide all the music. Students provide the desire. Group lessons are great way to learn to play guitar.

Cost: $125.00
Tuesday’s, June 11th -July 30th
11:00 – 12:00pm
or 4:00-5:00pm

Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2013-06-11
End Time: 12:00

String Band Group Lessons

Title: String Band Group Lessons
Location: Grassroots Guitar

Instructor: Ryan Edwards
Description: This course is designed to facilitate students (ages 6 and older) in playing songs with others in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Students must be willing to learn and ready to have fun! Students should also take private lessons with an instructor so that the nuances of each particular instrument can be fully addressed.

Beginning students may focus strictly on the melody, or perhaps on the chord strumming. More advanced students will probably wish to learn both the melody and the chords, and may even wish to try songs on different instruments!

We play a variety of familiar folk tunes, classical pieces, and traditional songs. Students gain a basic understanding of common scales, chords, and keys. All music is provided for the students. There is plenty for everyone to learn at different skill levels.

Each course consists of eight weekly one-hour classes at $125 per student, available during most of the year. Courses must be scheduled in advance to reserve materials and placement for each student. Payment is due by the first day of the course. Reimbursement for home-school programs is often available.