The Redeemer Guitar Buffer!


We are now selling and doing installs for The Redeemer Guitar Buffer!

$65 for the purchase

$95 for the Install

Right here at Grassroots!

Why do you need a guitar pick-up buffer?

Because your instrument’s output is high impedance your pick-up will suffer from loss of fidelity due to the tone sucking effect of cable capacitance, FX pedal and amplifier loads, as well as the pick-up of stray noises through the connecting cords.  Even if you’ve used a hundred dollar oxygen-free low-capacitance cable, you’ve probably never heard how good your instrument can truly sound.  Also, rolling back your guitar’s volume knob raises the impedance even more and you get all the more tone suck.  A good guitar buffer kit will fix all this.

  • Transparent, flat frequency from 10Hz to 50kHz won’t color your tone.

  • Crystal clear, flat phase response improves signal definition and image.

  • Super high input-Z so you can rollback your volume without tone loss.

  • Low output-Z can drive hundreds of feet of cable, and…

  • Suppress cable noise, and…

  • Be used as a guitar signal splitter, and…

  • To plug directly into any mixer line input without using a tone killing DI box.grass guitar back

  • Extremely low distortion (appx. 0.0005% THD+N).

  • Extremely low noise (less than -125dBu).

  • Long battery life, 300+ hours with an alkaline battery (less than 3mA draw).

  • Dead battery mode allows enough signal so you can keep the show going.

  • 3.6V to 24VDC for extra headroom.

  • Easy Installation kit, just two wires to connect the circuit.

  • Less than the cost of a high quality, low capacitance guitar cable.



Marshall Half Stack!!


JCM 900 Model 4100 with Marshall 1960A Cabinet!

$675.00 for the JCM 900 4100/$500.00 for the 1960A Cab

Another player’s favorite, the JCM900 4100 all-valve 100 watt Marshall head is available once again. Known for its great tone and reliability, the JCM900 range has won many fans with its incredible versatility. Channel A has been voiced for a sparkling clean on lower gain settings, building up to a raunchy crunch when driven hard. Channel B takes off from where channel A finishes. With acute use of the Gain and EQ controls, you will achieve a perfect sound for any lead tone from silky smooth to searing saturation. As well as having separate gain controls, each channel has its on master section containing controls for Master Volume and Master Reverb.

  • Two independent channels
  • Independent Gain and Volume controls
  • Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence tone controls
  • Reverb level controls for each channel
  • Series Effects loop
  • Compensated Line Out
  • High to Low power switch [100 Watts down to 50 Watts on 100 Watt models and 50 Watts down to 25 Watts on 50 Watt models]
  • Valve failure LEDs.
  • Unique fail-safe circuit on 100 Watt models to keep the amp running in the event of a valve failure to get you through to the end of the gig.
  • 3xECC83 and 4×5881

1960A Cabinet

The Marshall 1960 Speaker Cabinet puts out beautiful tone at any volume. The addition of an impedance (4 or 16 ohm) mono/stereo switching mechanism has transformed the “industry standard” 1960 into the ultimate speaker cab. These 300W Marshall cabs are loaded with Celestion G12T-75 speakers. With its 75W Celestion speakers, this cabinet is Dyn-O-Mite!!!  Don’t miss out on this classic cabinet that soars above all others.

Specification Detail
Speakers 4 x 12″ Celestion G12T-75
Cabinet Type Angled
Construction Material Birch
Mono/Stereo Mono, Stereo
Inputs 2 x 1/4″
Outputs No outputs
Other I/O No other I/O
Power 300W
Impedance 16 ohms or 4 ohms mono, 8 ohm stereo
Height 32.68″
Depth 14.17″
Width 29.92″
Weight 80.25 lbs.

Big Joe Pedals at Grassroots Guitar

Phaser B-408 Controls: Speed, Depth Feedback and Mix controls , and True bypass footswitch.
Hard Tube B-405 Controls: Presence, Gain, Output, variable parametric EQ, and True bypass footswitch.
Wah-Wah W-601 Controls: 3-positions character switch, Foot operated potentiometer, On/off LED, True Bypass, and Analog design.
Volume W-602 Controls: 3-positions character switch, Variable gain and cut adjustments, Foot operated potentiometer, On/off LED, True Bypass, and Analog design.
Classic Tube B-402 Controls: Presence, Gain, Output, 2-position cabinet simulation toggle, and True bypass footswitch.
Vintage II Tube B-404 Controls: Presence, Gain, Output, 4-position amp contour rotary switch, and True bypass footswitch.
Saturated Tube B-401 Controls: Presence, Gain, Output, 2-position high boost toggle, and True bypass footswitch. – See more at:

Godin Bass Guitars


Godin Shifters
Godin Shifter Bass Guitars

We currently have three high quality North American made Godin Shifter bass guitars here at Grassroots.

The Shifter Bass features 3 large soapbar, passive single coil alnico pickups with low-pull, x-large magnets. The various tones are selected via a custom 5-way switch that when combined with the push/pull tone knob gives the player an amazing 6 tones to choose from.



It also features a Canadian Laurentian basswood body, rock maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard, double function bridge, and large clover style machine heads.”


Specifications :

Rock Maple neck
Rosewood or maple fingerboard
16″ fingerboard radius
34″ Scale
1 1/2″ nut width
Canadian Laurentian Basswood body
3x Passive single-coil alnico pickups with low-pull x-tra large magnets
Custom 5-way switch
1x volume, 1x tone (6th Tonal push/pull tone knob)
Double function bridge (back load or front load)

All together one more time.
All together one more time.