If you are a musician in Alaska, you know Fairbanks is hard on guitars. We do
lots of repairs year round but Winter to Spring break-up is our busiest season when the
people of Fairbanks bring us many of their instruments for tune-ups or restorations. Our
standard shop rates for the most common repairs are listed below. Repairs can be
expedited for an additional fee. The folks in our repair shop do a great job getting your
guitar out of the winter blues; both playing and sounding sweet again.


 Types of Repairs 
 Min. Charge 
Restring-includes strings, lemon oil fretboard
and polish
$25 standard
$35 12string/
$40 bass
Tune Up– adjust action, restring, shim nutand saddle,
lemon oil, polish,check electronics, set intonation
prices are +$10 for 12/elixer/floyd +$15 for Bass
acoustic $60
electric $75
Headstock Re-glue min. $125
Bridge Re-glue or Replace min. $125
plus materials
Fret Level $175
Bone Nut or Saddle – hand carved and fitted nut $60
saddle $40
Crack Re-glue $50+
Electronics Repair min. $25
Pickup Install -charge for each pickup acoustic $75
electric $50
Fret Edge Trim $75 +
Strap Button Install $20
Replace Tuners $40
Refret $250
Refret with Binding $350

– Grassroots Guitar has a bench rate of $50/hr for any other repairs not on this list

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