Dave Parks

Dave began playing guitar as a kid in sunny southern California. Little did his parents know that those lessons would shape the rest of his life. In 1988, Dave came to Alaska looking for a summer work and new experiences and found both in spades. Attending UAA as a music major, Dave has a solid background in music theory. Dave and His wife Kate have owned and operated Grassroots Guitar Co. since 2001.  Playing in bands (Gangly Moose) and now, Steve Brown and the Bailers,  Dave continues to stay involved in the Alaska music scene. For almost twenty years, Dave has taught people of all ages and styles. Through this experience, Dave has developed a teaching style that caters to the need of each individual.

Dave Parks (Beg.-Adv. Guitar)————————————–-455-7668 dave@grassrootsguitarschool.com

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