Ryan Edwards

Ryan- Grassroots Guitar Teacher

Ryan Edwards

Ryan currently teaches lessons for both guitar and mandolin, as well as music theory. Occasionally known to teach lessons for banjo, bass guitar, drums, and ukulele, Ryan can teach beginners on several instruments. He has been teaching guitar lessons at Grassroots Guitar Co. since 2005. Ryan studies music at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and sings with the Choir of the North. Ryan taught the guitar class for Music Education students in the fall of 2012.

He performs on many instruments and vocals with the local groups Zingaro and Saint Animal, and participates in other projects for festivals and special occasions. Ryan’s musical influences are based on a mixture of bluegrass, blues, fiddle tunes, traditional styles from parts Europe and South America, and much more. Ryan teaches private lessons for individuals or pairs and teaches group string band class for mixed instruments. Ryan cooperates with various home-school programs to offer reimbursement for students.

Ryan Edwards (Guitar & Mandolin; beginning banjo, bass, ukulele, drums)



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